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Leap Year

Friday, February 29th, 2008


That’s right February has 29 days this year!


That means you still have all day today to apply to Pause, to Begin and only pay $25.  After today you will have to pay $35.


Get those applications in, and enjoy the extra day that only comes every four years.


Cig Harvey

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

We are thrilled to announce that Cig Harvey will be our third Juror along with David and myself. David and I have both heard Cig speak about her work, and anyone else that has such an opportunity would agree that her energy and passion for photography is amazing. We know Cig will bring an unbelievable amount of knowledge and photographic experience to make the jurying process complete.

Below is one of Cig’s photographs from her series “You Look at Me Like an Emergency.”


About the series, from Cig Harvey’s website:

I have always been drawn to times of fragility and use photography to explore and legitimize moments of struggle, uncertainty and doubt. My previous work examined these flaws within myself. In the past my pictures were of me and about me.
This new portfolio, You Look at Me like an Emergency, examines the people and places that surround me, and my relationship to them. Instead of setting aside a time to make pictures, I am now photographing times that actually exist. There is a life being lived and I am in it. A life that is fascinating in its flaws, doubts and elations. There is a truth in these generously given portraits. These pictures show me that life can be as magical as fiction.

Deadline Reminder

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Don’t forget that February 29th is the last day to apply to Pause, to Begin for only $25. After that you will have to pay $35. Get your applications in early! Apply at

We have been very busy lately promoting the competition through arts organizations like and We want thank both of them publicly on this blog. They both have a wealth of information for the emerging artist.

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Lastly, don’t forget that we have posters, post cards, and flyers that need distribution across the country. If you are willing to volunteer some time to help display the propaganda in your neighborhood please let us know, we will be more than happy to send you the posters and postcards. In return we will list you on our “donate” page as someone who has donated their time to help make Pause, to Begin what it is today. You will be in some pretty great company on the list!


Please forgive the brief break from insightful blogging for the seemingly shameless promotion, “real” blogging will resume shortly. We are currently putting all of our efforts into making Pause, to Begin the best it can be.

Website Update!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

We have just updated our website with a new “Resources” section!

In Resources, you will find four categories:

The Newsletter page has moved to a new location in the menu, and also has one exciting new feature. We are going to conduct a raffle of all people that sign up for our Newsletter. We are literally going to pull a single name out of a hat, giving the winner a free copy of the Pause, to Begin book. Sign up today for your chance to win. Don’t worry if you have already signed up, you are in the raffle too!

The Calendar is complete with dates of exciting events at Pause, to Begin through the month of June. We will be adding information as it becomes known.

The Extras section contains numerous goodies for all of our Pause, to Begin fans. Right now it has the newly designed poster, postcard, and flyer, all made by the amazing Josh Gomby. Please feel free to download the files for each, and print them out. You can also email them to a friend. The flyer is specifically designed to be xeroxed, so please print them out and hang them up. If you do this make sure to take a photo of it and send it to us. We will mention you on our website as a way of saying thank you.


The FAQ section is a new place where you can go to learn about Pause, to Begin if you are a little unclear about anything. If that still does not answer your questions, then please send us an email at

To end this post on a sad note, our documentary filmmaker Bruno Toré, can no longer fulfill his role. Some unforeseen circumstances came up recently and he cannot make the trip with us in May because of them. Thankfully, we have already contacted some other people in the documentary film industry and we hope to finalize a filmmaker this weekend on a trip to Boston. We will keep you posted.

Pause, to Begin: Published by Booksmart Studio!

Thursday, January 31st, 2008


Pause, to Begin is pleased to announce that the book produced as a part of our competition will be published by Booksmart Studio in Rochester, NY. Susan and I have had the great pleasure of working with Eric Kunsman, the founder of Booksmart Studio, when we produced the catalogue to OX: CIAS Senior Show 2007. We know our second experience will be just as wonderful.

With the wonderful help of Booksmart Studio we will be publishing three different versions of the catalogue.

1. The Catalogue Edition, which consists of a hard cover book.
2. The Deluxe Catalogue Edition, the Catalogue Edition with a slip cover and it will be editioned.
3. The Limited Fine Art Edition Book, it will consist of a higher quality paper printed on a better printer than the previous two, and will be hand sewn. It will also include a print with it from an image within the book.

Booksmart Studio also has a gallery space called Gallery Kunstler. The Pause, to Begin Exhibition will visit there at a yet to be determined time because we are still currently working on having the exhibition travel. Stay Tuned.

Check out Booksmart Studio here.
Apply to Pause, to Begin here by April 1, 2008. We need applicants to make this a reality, so step up to the plate and apply now!

For Everyone from Everywhere

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

The Pause, to Begin competition is open to everyone from any country. Unfortunately, we will only be able to physically visit those selected photographers from North America. If your work is selected and you live outside of North America we will still publish and display your photographs with the North American photographers. Hopefully in later editions of Pause, to Begin we will be able to travel farther.